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2018 Annual Convention
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The Utah Pharmacy Association 2018 Annual Convention & Expo scheduled for August 9-11 at the Dixie Center in St George Utah. UPhA will be providing ACPE approved education, as well as golf, networking and more. 


Upcoming details of the event will be made available soon. Registration opens Friday May 25th. 


Topics for the 2018 Annual Convention

  • The Pharmacist Care Process
  • Opioids and Chronic Pain
  • Precepting
  • Asthma and COPD
  • Combating Drug Side Effects Naturally
  • USP 800 Update
  • Legislative Update
  • Diabetes Update
  • Medication Adherence
  • New Drug Update
  • OTC Self Care
  • and more. 

Don't miss our Keynote Speaker, Griff Nielson. 


Keep Your Best & Brightest Engaged & Motivated: Increase Retention & Productivity
Has traditional “Leadership Training” failed your organization? Could your employee’s use a little shot of enthusiasm, vision and most importantly…ACTION? What if the lack thereof is coming from a different source than purely mental? In this original speech, Griff addresses how the lack of leadership and productivity/creativity often stem from unconventional means. In this presentation the participant will be introduced to:


  • How diet affects ambition, energy levels, burnout and mediocrity
  • How sleep affects hormonal levels that affect concentration and decision making skills
  • How lack of hydration can cause tension headaches, poor decision making and other ailments
  • How exercise affects executive function, will-power and clarity
  • Are You Tired of Goal Setting with Nothing to Show for It? How To Command Your Unconscious Mind To Achieve Your Goals Every Time

Do you ever cringe when you hear the words “goal setting?” What most of us don’t know is that there is a reason for the pain, and it stems from PAIN! What pain you ask? The pain that comes from setting goals the wrong way and not achieving them. When we are approached with “goal setting” from an external source, our tendency is to run the other way and avoid the pain of yet another failure. Is there an effective way to set and achieve goals? Griff Neilson thinks so, and in this presentation, he will show you how to:


  • Learn how to set goals from the RIGHT part of your brain, and hit them every time!
  • Learn to love goal setting by using the power of emotion rather than reason.
  • Learn what part of the brain is responsible for goal setting sabotage, and how you can avoid it
  • Learn how to master goal setting in ANY area of your life



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